Like the typified Grey alien – large triangle diamond shaped head, tiny pointed nose, long thin arms and legs, the being that stood before me was all this – except the most luscious black ever.

For a moment I wondered if he had eyes, he must have heard my thoughts and raised his head slightly. Beautiful black eyes reflected back to me, the same shape as imagined on the Greys. I could see each interlinked lense, like a heaxagonal shape structured together, perhaps like honeycomb. He had a small pointed mouth.

Dressed in stunning full length elaborate white robe with a deep glistening blue lining. Some embellishments on the upturned high cut mandarin collar and cuffs. I imagine it would be something like Prince the rockstar would choose to wear.

This being was truly bEautiful. Absolutely beautiful. He was velvet embodied. He was dark matter and water. He glistened and was matte at the same time. Kevlar and cushions. Deep space and clouds.

I began to feel uncertain, the panic response set in. Heart racing, a hidden shaking in my body.

“I have free will” I said

He shook his head No, almost indistinguishable. This meant power to me.

I looked down at my hands, they seemed to be in chains and didn’t look like my hands. They were changing, marbled, looking masculine. I looked back to the being, his face was partially shifting, changing form.

“I have free will”¬† I said out loud, my sleeping body spoke these words of total truth and I heard it talk. I knew I had said these words from the depth of my being, from a place beyond control. From the place where the real me resides.

I took two steps forward and pushed the being backwards, out the open window of the building – out into the darkness.

I was immediately removed from the room and returned to my bed. A short time later I felt the ‘device’ leave. I felt it – a head cuff and spine brace that was as long as the length to the end of the breast bone.

I saw it lift up from my body and vaporize. I felt the immediate freedom.

In the morning when I woke, after a short time I recalled the event. I knew it was real. It completely happened.

At once I was connected with the being – our telepathic telephones in sync.

I’d proven to him my strength, determination, and that I did have free will. I’d shown him that to achieve my purpose I would do something against my character, not within my normal stance of peace. It was a test and nothing more. I had won.

He says I’m the first to do this – to call him in and pass the test.

I’d been sending messages out for a few weeks.

Messages like:

We have free will – even in politics. Politics needs to change. Remove the control.

I’m supposed to write books that change – remove the device, I have free will.

Help us toward our true future – our future of free will. We can not achieve our reason for being while we live like this.

Last week – I watch UFO videos, obsessively, as though looking for something.

Two nights ago, I saw it glittering in the sky. I felt that “that was it” what I had been looking for.

Yesterday I’m sure I saw him in human form walking on the footpath in the carpark of the local shops. We walked past each other. He struck me as not belonging here. He was different. Perhaps in a similar way to how I strike people.

There was an acknowledgement that passed between us. Like he nodded ‘hello’ in the same subtle head movements in which he said ‘No’ later that night.

I think they come from a deep space area in or near a black hole.

They have difficulty in coming to earth unarranged, as chemtrails are designed to prevent positive forces from entering the controlled space of earth. Chemtrails schedules get altered to allow entry – much like sentrys on gates.

Chemtrails are altering the earth landscape from the ground up. It is one of the many control agendas from the race currently holding power.

We will tip the balance back.


They have worked in tandem, like contractors, with the controllers to lockdown the powerful ones – us who have the ideas and desire to change the state of the world.

Their devices erode our self belief, they diminish our ability to see possibility. It stifles action into distraction.

He promises to help me now. He has 50million with devices. We need a billion – those that have the power – not the elite, but those where the true power resides – the people.

He promises to reverse the current influence of their devices, from control to empowerment. He promises to flick the switch and communicate to each person individually – giving them back their fire & dreams.

He will support me, the direction and offer protection when he can.

We are on the cusp, a precipice of widespread global change.


(A dream I had, around June 2014) E.R.S

Image: Tom Gil